Holy Orders is the sacrament through which the mission entrusted by Christ to his apostles continues to be exercised in the Church until the end of time. It configures the recipient to Christ, thus, anyone called to the Holy Orders can unequivocally echo with St Paul; ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.’ (Galatians 2:20), as such, ordination creates a new man who in keeping with his duties, becomes an alter Christus.

The day of reception of this sacrament is very paramount in the life of the candidates, not just because it marks the beginning of a new person, but also because ‘everything a priest does in his ministry flows from what he becomes at his ordination.’ With the reception of this sacrament that imprints an indelible mark on the recipient, who of course is a male, he can preside at Mass, absolve sins, anoint the sick, proclaim and explain the Gospel and give blessings, thus leading people to encounter Christ.

Of course, he must fulfill all the academic requirements needed but most importantly, that does not qualify him to become a priest, since it is a gratuitous gift from God. The qualified and academically sound person in the eyes of men, may not be called by God, thus, nobody takes this honour upon himself; he must be called by God, just like Aaron was …(HEB 5:4). It is call to self emptying, sacrifice of self and service to humanity in order to build a people for God.

Like Andrew, a priest leads people to God. What is more; crowds gather round him, and through him seek the face of God. With the consciousness that the crowd did not gather because he is powerful, but because they want to see Jesus, the priest should not constitute a barrier with his image but be humble enough for the people of God to see God, through him. He is nothing as a priest without his bishop. The evangelical counsels are the lights for his steps, if he must travel far in his ministry. His life is close to nomadic; today he is here, tomorrow, he moves; urban and rural areas are his homes so long as there are souls to convert therein. He operates in the crowd but is trained to enjoy solitude, for it is in it that he communicates with the Most High God. There may be a call within this call, but it must be inline with bringing Christ closer to the people and under the direction of the the Local Ordinary.

Today, 7th August, 2021, the Lord of the vineyard has sent more workers into his vine yard , in the Catholic diocese of Nsukka, as He blesses the diocese with 20 new priests to continue the work of leading people to God. We thank God for offering the gift of priesthood to these our beloved brothers, and thank Fr. Bishop, Most Rev. Prof. Godfrey Igwebuike Onah, through whose instrumentality these brothers of ours have been elevated to the Catholic Priesthood.



Date of birth: 26th October 1988
Background: The family of Mr. Samuel N. Ugwu and Mrs. Helen O. Ugwu.
Locality: Umuekwa Ajuona Obimo in Nsukka Local Government Area. Enugu State.
Position in the family: Only Issue of the mum, fourth and last issue of the family.

Primary School: Ecumenical Community Primary School, Thinkers Corner Enugu . 1995-2001.
Secondary School: St. John Cross Seminary Nsukka. 2001-2008.
Spiritual Year: Good Shepherd Seminary Nsukka. 2010-2012.
Philosophical Studies: Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu. 2012-2016.
Theological Studies: Blessed Iwene Tansi Major seminary Onitsha. Anambra State. 2017-2021.

Holy Cross Parish Umulokpa 2008-2009
St. Jacob’s Parish Orba and St. Michael’s Parish Amufie 2009-2010
St. Joseph’s Parish Itchi 2011.
St. Michael’s Parish Agbamere Eha-Alumona 2012.
St. Martin De Porres Parish Obollo-Eke 2013
St. Mary’s Parish Ogrute Enugu-Ezike 2014
St. Peter’s Parish Ukehe 2015
St. Gabriel’s Parish Obie Aku 2016
St. Patrick’s Parish Obollo-Afor 2016-2017
St. Paul’s Parish Obukpa 2018.
St. Mary’s Parish Umunze Anambra State 2019
St. Raphael’s Parish Ajuona Obimo 2020
St. Patrick’s Parish Neke 2021.

Lectorate 16th September 2018
Acolytate 28th September 2019
Diaconate Ordination 30th December 2020
Priestly Ordination 7th August 2021



Parents: Late Mr. Benedict Chukwuma Ugwu and Ezinne Mrs. Cecilia Chinelo Ugwu
Origin: Ogbodu Okanya, Eha-Alumona, Nsukka Local Government Area.
Date of Birth: July 21st early 90s


Primary School: Premier Primary School Eha- Alumona and Oxford Nursery/Primary School, Orba .SEMINARY FORMATION AND PASTORAL EXPERIENCES
St. John Cross Seminary, Nsukka 2002-2008.
Spiritual Formation: Good Shepherd Seminary (2009- 2011)
Philosophical Studies: Bigard Memorial Seminary,
Enugu. (2012-2016)
Theological Studies: Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu 2017-2021
Lector: 16th September, 2018
Acolyte: 28th September, 2019
Deacon: 30th December, 2020
St. John Cross Seminary, Nsukka (2008-2009) – Rev. Fr. Anthony C. Adani (Rector)
St. James’ Parish, Igogoro (2009-2010) – Rev. Fr. Fidelis Ugwoke
St. James’ Parish, Aku (2011) – Late Rev. Fr.
Emmanuel Onuh
Holy Trinity Parish, Iheaka (2012) – Rev. Fr.
Cyril Onyishi
St. Paul’s Parish, Umuopu (2013) – Rev. Fr. Abel Amadi
St. Francis’ Parish, Mbu-Amon (2014) – Rev. Fr.
Ferdinand Abonyi
St. Victor’s Parish, Onuiyi (2015) – Rt. Rev. Msgr. Taddeo Onoyima
Divine Mercy Parish, Obukpa Layout (2016) –
Rev. Fr. Levi Agbo
St. John Cross Seminary, Nsukka (2016-2017) – Rev. Fr. Dr. Timothy Asogwa (Rector)
All Saints Parish, Ulo n’Obollo (2018) – Rev. Fr.
Paul Eze
St. Mary’s Parish, Orsumoghu (Nnewi Diocese,
2019) – Rev. Fr. Mike Onuchukwu
St. Mary’s Parish, Eha- Alumona (Home, 2020) –
Rev. Fr. Thaddeus Ezema
St. Theresa’s Cathedral Parish Nsukka (2021) – Rev. Fr. Dr. Eugene Odo (Cathedral Administrator)



Date of Birth: 7th March, 1984,
Position in the family 4th child
Parents Late Mr. Patrick Aleke and Mrs. Mercy Aleke
Origin: Amemuje Owerre Umabor Eha-Alumona.
Community Nursery and Primary School Ncheke Owere Umabor.
St. Theresa’s Nursery and Primary School Abakpa Enugu, finished in 2000
Secondary School: St John Cross Seminary Nsukka: 2001-2007
Philosophical Studies: Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu
Good Shepherd Spiritual Year Seminary Nsukka
Theological Studies: Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary Madonna Catholic Female Hostel Chaplaincy/St. Victor’s Parish Onuiyi Nsukka 2007/2008
St. Michael’s Parish Edem 2011
Holy Trinity Parish Iheaka 2012
St. Charles Parish Opi 2012/2013
St. Patrick’s Parish Ibenda Obollo-Eke 2013
St. Patrick’s Parish Eziora Umuluokpa 2014
St. Peter’s Parish Uda Enugu-Ezike 2015
Holy Redeemer Parish Nru Nsukka 2016
St. Patrick’s College Obollo-Eke 2016/2017
All Saints Parish Ezimo 2017
St. John the Evangelist Parish Ejuona Aku 2018
St. Patrick’s Parish Onono Anam Onitsha Archdiocese (Inter Diocesan) 2019
Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary Onitsha (because of Corona virus, he could not do home Apostolic work) 2020
St. Peter’s Parish Echara Nsukka (As a Deacon) 2021
Lector – 2018
Acolyte – 2019
Diaconate – 30th December, 2020
Priestly ordination- August 7, 2021



Date of Birth: February 27th, 1986
Parents: Chief Emmanuel and Mrs Veronica Ugwuoko of Umuasanya (Ukwuagbudu), Ugbaike in Igbo-Eze L.G.A. of Enugu State,
Position in the family: 4th in the family of 9 children.
Community Primary School, Ukwuagbudu, finished 2000
Secondary School: St. Joseph’s Technical and Skill Center, Ugbaike (2001-2003) later at Government Technical College, Nsukka (2003-2006)
St. John Cross Seminary, Nsukka (2006-2009),
Diocesan Spiritual Year Seminary in the year 2009.
Philosophical Studies: Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu 2012 – 2016.
Theological Studies Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, 2017 – 2021
2010 – St. Joseph’s parish, Itchi (junior one year).
2011 – Holy Redeemer Parish, Nru Nsukka
2012 – St. Mary’s Parish, Iheakpu Obollo.
2013 – Holy Cross Parish, Umulokpa.
2014 – St. Joseph’s Parish, Umuaram Ikem.
2015 – St. Theresa’s Parish, Owere Obukpa.
2016 – St. Theresa’s Parish, Ada-Agu Obollo.
2017 – St. James’ College, Aku (one year after philosophical studies).
2017 – All Saints’ Parish, Ulo n’ Obollo.
2018 – St. Michael’s Parish, Obimo.
2019 – All Saints’ Parish, Ibagwa Nike, Enugu.
2020 – St. Anthony’s Parish, Ugbaike (home apostolate).
2021 – St. Idi-Opi.
Lectorate in 2018, an Acolyte in 2019
Diaconate ordination on December 30th, 2020.
Priestly ordination August 7th, 2021.



Date of birth: 28th March 1990
Parents: Mr Emmanuel and Mrs Roseline Onuh, of Ugbaike Enugu-Ezike in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area, Enugu State,
Position in the family: 8th
Nursery/Primary School: 1992 — 2000; Community Primary School Ajuonah, Ovoko in 2001 and completed it in University Primary School, Nsukka 2002.
Secondary School: University Secondary School, Nsukka 2003, St Theresa’s College Nsukka 2004 — 2006
St John Cross Seminary Nsukka, in 2007–2008.
Spiritual Formation: Good Shepherd Seminary Nsukka: 2010–2012

Spiritual year one, 2011 – St Theresa’s Cathedral Parish Nsukka;
Spiritual year two, 2012 – St Michael’s Parish Ohebe-Dim.
PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES: Pope JohnPaul II Major Seminary, Okpuno Awka 2013-216

Philosophy one, 2013 – St Paul’s Parish Igugu, then under St Theresa’s Parish Imilike-Ani;
Philosophy two, 2014 – St Patrick’s Parish Idi-Opi;
Philosophy three, 2015 – Mother of Christ Parish Ukwuaji, Ukehe;
Philosophy four, 2016 – St Paul’s Parish Edem-Ani;
One year pastoral experience after Philosophy, 2016 to 2017 – Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Nsukka.
THEOLOGICAL STUDIES: Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, 2017 – 2021
Theology One, 2018 – St Theresa’s Parish Ikem after which he received the ministry of Lectorate;
Theology Two, 2019 – Inter-diocesan pastoral experience, St Mary’s Parish Ngwo, Enugu Diocese, after which he was instituted as an Acolyte;
Theology three, 2020 – Home pastoral experience, St Anthony’s Parish Ugbaike; after which he received the Order of Diaconate
Theology four 2021 – Priestly Ordination



Parents: Late David Ngwu Ezema and Late Veronica Omada Ezema, the fourth son of his mother and the sixth child of the family on April 12, 1986, he was baptized Charles, received first holy communion on December 25, 1997 and subsequently received the sacrament of confirmation in 2003
Education: Central School Okpuje from where he proceeded to Community Secondary School Okpuje for his junior secondary academic formation. He obtained his West African Senior School Certificate in 2007 at community secondary school Alor-Uno. Proceeded to St John cross Seminary in 2008 for a 2year orientation program. He entered Good Shepherd Spiritual year Seminary Nsukka in October 2010 and moved to Pope JohnPaul II major seminary Okpunor Awka in 2012. He continue his theological studies in Bigard memorial seminary Enugu in 2017 where he obtained his Bachelor of Theology from the pontifical University, Urbaniana, Rome in 202.
Charlie received the ministry of Lector in 2018, ministry of Acolyte in 2019 and to the glory of God the ordination to the diaconate on December 30, 2020.
St. Joseph’s Parish Umuogbo-agu, Enugu Ezike (2011)
St. Mary’s Parish Ada-agu, Obollo. (2012)
St. Dominic’s Parish, Ovoko-Ulo. (2013)
St. Gregory the Great Parish, Aku. (2014)
St. Pius’ Parish, Umuezejor, Obollo-Afor. (2015)
Christ the King Parish, Amalla Orba. (2016)
Holy Trinity Parish, Iheaka. (2017)
St. Jude’s Parish, Onyohor. (2018)
St. Mary’s Parish, Amuzi Obowo, Okigwe Diocese, Imo State. (2019)
St. Patrick’s Parish, Alor-Uno. (2020)
Holy Redeemer Parish, Nru. (2021)
To the glory of God, Rev. Fr. Charles Onyekachi Ezema is the FIRST INDIGENOUS CATHOLIC PRIEST of Alor-Uno Community.



Rev. Victor Onyebuchi Ishiwu was born on September 8, 1987 into the family of Chief. Godwin E. Ishiwu and Mrs. Christiana Ishiwu of Umuezikenwoke village in Ohodo in Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. He received baptism in the year 2003 and joined altar boys association at St. John’s parish Ihe-Owerre Nsukka.
Rev. Onyebuchi started his formal education experience at Community Primary School Ohodo. He also went to Community Secondary School Isi-enu Nsukka from 2001 to 2005. He joined St. John-Cross Seminary, Nsukka in 2005 to 2008. He got enrolled into Good Shepherd Spiritual Year Seminary, Nsukka (2010 to 2012). He did his philosophical studies in Pope JohnPaul II Major Seminary, Okpuno Awka, from October 2012 to June 2016, and his theology in Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu from 2017 to June 2021.
He did his apostolic work in the following places:
2008-2009 St. John-Cross Seminary, Nsukka
2009-2010 Holy Cross Parish, Umulokpa
2011 All Saint Parish, Ezimo
2012 Immaculate Heart Parish, Aji Enugu-Ezike
2013 St. Charles Parish, Opi
2014 St. James Parish, Igogoro Enugu-Ezike
2015 St. Francis’s , Parish, Ovoko
2016 St. Michael’s Parish, Obimo
2016-2017 Social Communications (One year)
2018 St. Anthony’s Parish, Obollo Etiti
2019 St. Anthony’s Parish, Ofufe Nza Ozubulu Nnewi Diocese
2020 St.Thomas Parish, Ohodo
2021 St. Mary’s Parish, Ada-agu Obollo Etiti

The Holy Mother Church in line with her canonical architecture, installed him Lector on 2018, an acolyte on 2019 and was ordained a deacon on 30th December, 2020 by Fr. Bishop Most Rev. Godfrey Igwebuike Onah. And by God’s grace a priest on 7th August



Rev. Fr. Vitalis Ugochukwu Ezugwu was born to the family of late Mr. Paul and Mrs Regina Ezugwu of Umuchim, Ihe/Owerre Nsukka in Nsukka LGA of Enugu State, on 11th April, 1986. He is the 5th child out of seven children of which one is deceased now. He also received his infant Baptism in the same year at St. John’s Catholic
Pre-Nursery/Nursery school at Ugwuoye Nsukka. (1989-1994) Our Lady Seat of Wisdom. He also had his Primary education at Model Primary School Nsukka (1994-2002). Boys Secondary School Nru Nsukka (2000-2005).
St. John Cross Seminary, Nsukka where he got admitted in his SS 1 on the 18th September, 2005 -2008. He went to Good Shepherd Spiritual Year Seminary (2010-2012).
On 5th October, 2012, he was admitted into St. Pope Johnpaul II Major Seminary, Okpuno Awka, for his philosophical studies. 2012-2016.
Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu for his theological studies from 2017-2021.
In 2018, he was installed a lector, 2019 an acolyte, he was ordained a deacon in 2020.
However, he had his pastoral experiences in the following places:
Immaculate Heart Parish Aji Enugu Ezike 2009-2010
Holy Family Parish Imilike Enu 2011
Christ the king Parish Adani 2012
St Peter’s Parish Umachi 2013
St Mary’s Parish Iheakpu Obollo 2014
St James Umugwu/Owereze Orba 2015
St Patrick’s Parish Alo-Uno 2016
Health of the Sick Hospital, Adani 2016-2017
St Patrick’s Parish Mkpunase 2018
Holy Family Parish Ologo
Enugu(Inter-diocesan Apostolate ) 2019
St John’s Parish Ihe/Owerre
( Home Apostolate) 2020
Mother of Christ, Ukwuaji Ukehe 2021



REV. FR. CHARLES IZUCHUKWU ODO was born into the family of Mr. /Mrs. Paul Odo on the 9th day of May, 1991and was baptized on 24th September, 1991 at St. Theresa Parish, Nsukka by Rev. Fr Emmanuel Onuh. He had his nursery and primary school education at Model Nursery and Primary school, Nsukka.
He was admitted in to St John-Cross Seminary, Nsukka in 2003 and finished in 2009. He did his 2years spiritual formation in Good Shepherd Seminary, Nsukka 2010-2012. Charles proceeded to Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu for his Philosophical studies. This he accomplished in 2016, bagging a Bachelor in Philosophy. B.Phil(Rome) After, his one year pastoral experience, he was sent back to Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu for his theological studies (2017-21) In the course of his theological studies, Fr Charles was installed into the ministries of Lector in
2018, and Acolyte in 2019. He was ordained a deacon on December 30th, 2020. During his seminary formation days, Fr Charles did his apostolic work in the following parishes; 1. St. Theresa Parish, Ikem 2009-2010(Junior One Year) 2. St. Paul Parish, Ede Oballa 2011 3. St. Mary Parish, Ibagwa Aka 2012 4. St. Patrick Parish, Ohom Orba 2013 5. St. Patrick Parish, Ibagwa Aka 2014 6. St. Peter Parish, Opanda 2015 7. All saints Parish, Ulo n’obollo 2016 8. St Patrick Parish, Neke 2016-2017(Long apostolic work) 9. St. Bernard Parish, Mgboko Aku 2018 10. St. Charles Parish, Umunumo ( Okigwe Diocese) 2019 11. SS Joachim and Anne Parish, Ogrute (Home Apostolic work) 2020 12. St. Paul parish, GRA Nsukka( Home Apostolic work(Domicile Parish)) 2020 13. St. Gregory Parish, Ohebe Orba. 2021 He is known for his cheerfulness and comic character.



DATE OF BIRTH: 25th day of March,1990.
BACKGROUND: The Family of Late Mr Cyprian Ugwoke and Mrs Fidelia Ugwoke.
LOCALITY: Owerre Obimo in Nsukka Local Government Area, Enugu State.
POSITION IN THE FAMILY: Second to last issue

PRIMARY SCHOOL: Central School Obimo Centre 1997-2002
SECONDARY SCHOOL: St John Cross Seminary Nsukka 2002-2008
SPIRITUAL YEAR: Good Shepherd Seminary Nsukka 2010-2012.
PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES: Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu 2012-2016
THEOLOGICAL STUDIES: Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Major Seminary Bodija Ibadan, Oyo State.

St. Jacob’s Parish Orba 2008-2009
St. Theresa’s Parish Umuoshene/ Umuida 2009-2010
Holy Redeemer Parish Nru Nsukka 2011
Holy Cross Parish Eha-Amufu 2012
Holy Family Parish Imiliki-Enu 2013
All Saints Parish Ezimo 2014
Holy Family Parish Ukopi Ekwegbe 2015
St. Paul’s Parish Umabor 2016
Shepherd Communications Commission 2016-2017
St. Patrick’s Parish Amogwu Aku 2018
Holy Trinity Parish Iheaka 2019
St. Michael’s Parish Obimo Centre 2020
St. Pius Parish Umuezejor Obollo Afor 2021

Lectorate: 16th September 2018
Acolytate: 28th September 2019
Diaconate Ordination: 30th December, 2020
Priestly Ordination: 7th August 2021




Chimdimma Okobo, born into the family of Mr. Virgilus Chidiebere Ezeja Okobo and Mrs. Patricia O. Okobo. At Baptism, Chimdimma was named Francis after his uncle, Most Rev. Dr. Francis Emmanuel Ogbonnaya Okobo, emeritus Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Nsukka.
He was enrolled into Deo Gratia Nursery School Nsukka in 1994. There he had his nursery education (1 to 3), from 1994 to 1997, Sancta Maria Nursery and Primary School from the 1998 to 2002. In 2003, he started his secondary school in STC Nsukka and later switched over to the Seminary, in 2007.
Chimdimma got admitted into Good Shepherd Seminary, Nsukka in October, 2010 and completed his spiritual formation in 2012 and was posted to Bigard Memorial Seminary, Uwani Enugu for his philosophical studies (2012 – 2016).
Having got a sharp reasoning faculty which will be suitable to venture into the study of God proper, Chimdimma was sent to Blessed Michael Iwene Tansi Major Seminary, Onitsha in October, 2017 for his theological studies, which he finished in 2021
Holy Ghost Parish Ikpamodo 2009/2010
St Mary’s Parish Iheakpu, Obollo 2011
St Theresa’s Parish, Ikem. 2012
St Mary’s Parish, Umuagama. 2013
St Theresa’s Parish, Igga 2014
Christ the King Parish, Ugwunani. 2015
Holy Family Parish, Ukopi. 2016
(One year) : St Jacob’s Parish Orba 2016/2017
St Michael’s Parish Agbamere 2018
St. Joseph Parish Anaku,
Archdiocese of Onitsha 2019
St Joseph Parish Uwani-Lejja
(Home Apostolate) 2020
SS. Peter and Paul Parish,
Ulunya Ovoko 2021



Rev. Fr. Anthony Ugwuoke was born at Obimo, a community in Nsukka Local Government Area, Enugu State in the year 1988, to the family of Late Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Theresa Ugwuoke as the fifth in a family of seven. He began his elementary school at Central School, Obimo in the year 1995. In the year 2001, he was done with the elementary school. He was baptized Anthony at Obimo Center. In the year 1998, he received the First Holy Communion, and also received the sacrament of confirmation in the year 2010 at St. Jude’s Parish Aguibeje.
He did his secondary school at Community Secondary School, Obimo from 2001-2007.
In 2008, he was admitted into St. John Cross Seminary Nsukka. In 2010, he entered The Good Shepherd Spiritual Year Seminary, Nsukka for another two year programme before progressing to philosophical (Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu) and theological studies (Blessed Iwene Tansi Seminary, Onitsha).
Remarkable among these are those moments of pastoral experiences. Rev. Fr. Anthony’s pastoral
experiences took him to the following places:
§ St. Francis’ Parish Ovoko 2011
§ St. Peter’s Parish Uda, Enugu Ezike 2012
§ St. Mary’s Parish Iheakpu Obollo Afor 2013
§ St. Joseph’s Parish Amabokwu Aku 2014
§ St. Anthony’s Parish Umualor 2015
§ Immaculate Heart Parish Eha Alumona 2016
§ St. Teresa’s College Nsukka (Pastoral Year) 2016-2017
§ St. John’s Parish Ibagwa Ani 2018
§ ChukwuBueze Parish Ossamala (Onithsa, Anambra State) 2019
§ Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary, Onitsha 2020
§ St. Paul’s Parish Umuopu, Enugu Ezike 2021
Towards his priestly ordination, he received some offices 16th of September 2018, he was installed a lector, and an acolyte on 28th September 2019. Ordained a deacon on 30th December 2020.



Fr. Kingsley Obinna Aroh was born on the 12th of August,1988. He is a native of Ibule, Ukehe in igbo-etiti local government area,Nsukka,Enugu. Before going for minor seminary, he had attended St Patrick’s Secondary school, Emene for his Junior Secondary School (JSS1).before switching over to St Johncross Seminary, Nsukka, from where he attended the Good Shepherd Seminary for his Spiritual year formation which was concluded in 2012. Fr Kingsley entered the Major Seminary; Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu, for his Philosophical studies in 2012 and Theological studies in 2017. He carried out his pastoral experience in the following places: 2007-2008, St Martin De Porress Parish, Obollo-Eke( One year Apostolic work as Junior Seminarian). 2011, St Charles Parish, Eha-Ndiagu. 2012, St Michael’s Parish, Amufie Enugu-Ezike. 2013, St Joseph’s Parish, Umuogbuagu Enugu-Ezike. 2014, St Theresa’s Parish, Imilike-Ani. 2015, St Jacob’s Parish, Orba. 2016, St Mary’s Parish, Amogbo Nsukka. 2016-2017, St Joseph’s technical and skill center Ugbaike, Enugu-Ezike. 2018, St Andrew’s Parish, Akaibite Ozalla. 2019, St Brigid’s Parish, Nnarambia, Ahiara Diocese, Imo State. 2020, Maria Assumpta Parish, Ibule Ukehe. 2021, St. Michael’s Parish Agbamere, Eha-Alumona.

Be that as it may, still desrisous after these years of sun and cold,Fr. Kingsley Obinna Aroh received the following offices from the Church before priesthood; He was installed a Lector in 2018 He was installed as Acolyte in 2019 He was Ordained a Deacon in 2020



Rev. Fr. Chidera Ezugwu was born in the family of Late Mr Simon Ezugwu and Mrs Juliana Ogochukwu Ezugwu all from Umudiale, Ohom Orba, Udenu L.G.A of Enugu State, Nigeria.
He attended his primary school at Community Primary School Orba between 1996-2002
Minor Seminary: St John Cross Seminary, Nsukka between 2003-2009.
He underwent this spiritual training around 2010-2012. He did his philosophical studies around 2012-2016 in Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu.
This was his one year pastoral experience after his philosophy (2016-2017).
He completed his theological at Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu around 2017-2021.
Bishop Shanahan Hospital Nsukka-2009-2010- Junior One year
St. Mary’s Parish Ogrute Enugu- Ezike-2011- Spiritual year one
St Paul’s Parish Ede-Oballa-2012- Spiritual year two
Holy Trinity Parish Ugbene Ajima-2013- Philosophy One
St Theresa’s Parish Ikem-2014- Philosophy Two
St. Stephen Parish Ovoko- Agu-2015- Philosophy Three
St. Benard Parish Mgboko Aku-2016- Philosophy Four
Catholic Secretariat Nsukka 2016-2017- Senior One Year
St. Peter’s Parish Ukehe-2018-Theology One
St. Anthony’s Parish Ogbaga Abakiliki-2019- Theology Two- Inter-Diocesan Apostolic work.
St. Patrick’s Parish Ohom Orba-2020-Theology Three- Home Apostolic work.
St. Mary’s Parish Ibagwa Aka- Theology Four- As a Deacon.



Rev Charles Chikaodili was born on 5th June in the latter 1980s into the family of late Mr Cletus Okwunwanne and Mrs Victoria Okwunwanne, both from Ogurugu community in Uzo-uwani Local Government Area, Enugu State.
Charles attended Onoja Primary school Ogurugu for his primary education. After his primary education, he proceeded to St. Theresa’s College Nsukka for his secondary education from 2000 to 2006. After his graduation, proceeded to St. Johncross Seminary, Nsukka in 2007 for his minor Seminary formation. At St Johncross Seminary Nsukka, from where he entered Good Shepherd SEMINARY Nsukka for Spiritual Year formation, Charles was immediately recommended for his philosophical studies at the prestigious Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu (2012-2016).
Charles did his theology at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Major Seminary Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State (2017-2021). At the course of his Seminary formation, Rev Charles had his pastoral experiences in the following places:
St. Francis’ Parish, Ovoko 2011
All Saints parish, Ezimo. 2012
St. Peter’s parish, Uda. 2013
St. Patrick’s parish, Amogwu-Aku 2014
St. Mary’s parish, Umuagama 2015
St. Michael’s parish, Agbamere 2016
Bishop’s Court 2016/2017
St. Jacob’s parish, Orba 2018
St. Mary’s parish, Iheakpu-Obollo 2019
St. Francis parish, Ogurugu 2020
St. Theresa’s parish, Imilike-ani 2021
In keeping with the service tradition of the Church, Rev Charles Chikaodili received the following offices in anticipation of his priestly ordination:
Lector 16th September, 2018
Acolyte 28th September, 2019
Diaconate 30th December, 2020



On 25 September, 1989, providence brought the little Wilson into the family of Mr Alphonsus Tagbo and Mrs Jacinta Anene Ugwu. He is the first child out of five and first son out of four of their union. And from the period of 1993 to 2002, the young Wilson received his primary education in the following town schools: Diogbe, Umunko, Amanefi, Umualeke and finally Amadim Community Primary School.
He got admission into St John Cross Seminary Nsukka, in the year 2002 from where he graduated in the year 2008. Rev. Wilson received his two years (2009-2011) spiritual formation at Good Shepherd Seminary.
Spiritual year one, 2009 – Ascension Parish Iheakpu-Awka, Fr Stephen Ugwu;
Spiritual year two, 2010 – Holy Ghost Parish Ikpamodo, Fr Solomon Abonyi. With his Spiritual formation completed, Rev Wilson was posted to the Pope St JohnPaul II Major Seminary, Okpuno Awka for his Philosophical Studies from 2011 to 2015 and was posted to serve his six weeks pastoral experience in the following Parishes under the parish priests attached, after the completion of each Academic/Formation Session:
Philosophy one, 2011 –St Patrick’s Parish Ohom Orba,
Philosophy two, 2012 – St Patrick’s Parish Opi-Agu,
Philosophy three, 2013 – St Anthony’s Parish Nguru,
Philosophy four, 2014 – St Mary’s Parish Umundu,
One year pastoral experience after Philosophy, 2015 to 2016 – St Anthony’s Parish Ugbaike under Fr Alexander Eze; after which he served at St John’s Parish Iheowere 2016-2017, under Fr Charles Onuh.
Upon being posted to Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu Rev. Wilson received his Theological Studies there from 2017 to 2021. And after each Academic/Formation year, he rendered services to the following Parishes in the course of six weeks pastoral experience under the guidance of the parish priests, attached : Theology one, 2018 – St Paul’s Parish Edem-Ani, after which he received the ministry of Lectorate; Theology two, 2019 – Interdiocesan pastoral experience, St Patrick’s Parish Okija, Fr Basil Umunna; Nnewi Diocese, after which he was instituted an Acolyte; Theology three, 2020 – Home pastoral experience, St Ignatius’ Parish Amadim, Ukehe, Fr Oliver Ugwu; after which he was ordained a Deacon; Theology four 2021 – Divine Mercy Parish Obukpa.



Rev. Ernest was born the fifth child out of six, and third son out of four into the family of Mr Isaac Ugwu Nwagu (Late) and Mrs Regina Agu on 30 July, 1988. Few years later, the doors to formal education opened for the little Ernest in the year 1993 which began with Amadim Nursery and Primary school, Ukehe from the year 1993 to 2000. Immediately afterwards, he secured admission into the renowned Premier Secondary Ukehe from 2000 to 2006.
In 2006, Rev. Ernest secured admission into the St John Cross Seminary Nsukka. After his two years formation there 2006-2008, he served his junior one year pastoral experience, 2008-2009 at St Joseph’s Parish Army Barracks, Nsukka. Afterwards, he worked at St Jude’s Parish Aguibeje from 2009-2010, Enugu-Ezike. Rev. Ernest received spiritual formation for two years, from 2010 to 2012, at Good Shepherd Seminary, Nsukka and served in the following parishes for six weeks pastoral experiences within the course of the two years: 2011, St Anthony’s Parish Umu-Alor, Eha-Amufu; 2012, St John’s Parish Ibagwa-Ani.
At the completion of his Spiritual years, Rev. Ernest continued in his seminary formation at the Pope St JohnPaul II Major Seminary, Okpuno Awka, 2012 to 2016 serving in the following Parishes after the completion of each Academic/Formation Session:
Philosophy one, 2013, St Paul’s Parish Umuitodo, Obollo Nkwor;
Philosophy two, 2014, St Patricks’ Parish Inyi;
Philosophy three, 2015, St Charles’ Parish Opi;
Philosophy four, 2016, Immaculate Conception Parish Aji, Enugu-Ezike;
One year pastoral experience after Philosophy, 2016 to 2017, St Catherine’s Comprehensive Secondary School Nsukka.
Rev. Ernest received his Theological education in Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu for his Theological Studies from the year 2017 to 2021. During the course, he served in the following Parishes after the completion of each Academic/Formation year:
Theology one, 2018, St Francis Parish Ajuona Ovoko, after which he received the ministry of Lectorate; Theology two, 2019, Inter-diocesan pastoral experience, St Mary’s Cathedral Parish Okigwe, after which he was instituted as an Acolyte;
Theology three, 2020, Home pastoral experience, St Ignatius Parish Amadim, Ukehe, after which he was called into the Order of Diaconate.
Theology four, 2021, St Patrick’s Obollo Afor.



DATE OF BIRTH: 11th day of November
BACKGROUND: The family of Mr. John Attah and Mrs. Felicia Attah
LOCALITY: Owere-Enu in Nsukka Local Government Area. Enugu State
Sancta Maria Nursery and Primary School, Nsukka [1997-2002]
SECONDARY SCHOOL; St. John-Cross Seminary Nsukka [2003-2009]
SPIRITUAL TRAINING; Good Shepherd Seminary Nsukka [2010-2012]
PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES; Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu [2012-2016]
THEOLOGICAL STUDIES; Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary, Onitsha [2017-2021]
All Saints Parish Ezimo [2009-2010]
St. Francis Parish Neke [2011]
St. Peter’s Parish Umachi Enugu Ezike [2012]
Mother of Christ Parish Ukwaji Ukehe [2013]
St. Michael’s Parish Amaufie Enugu Ezike [2014]
Holy Trinity Parish Ugbene Ajima [2015]
St. Michael’s Parish Ikolo [2016]
St. Mary’s Hospital Enugu Ezike [2016-2017]
St. Pius Parish Umuezejor Obollo [2018]
St. Stephen’s Parish Utuh, Nnewi Diocese [2019]
St. Peter’s Parish Uwelu-Owere/Amokwe Nsukka [2020]
St. James Parish Aku [2021]
Lectorate: 16th September, 2018.
Acolytate: 28th September, 2019
Diaconate ordination: 30th December, 2020.
Priestly ordination: 7th August, 2021.



Rev. Sunday Onah graced the world with his presence in the year 1989 into the Christian family of Late Chief James Okechukwu Onah and Mrs Augustina Ijeoma Onah in Ihe Obukpa. He attended St. John cross Seminary and graduated in 2008{2009}and entered Good Shepherd Spiritual year Seminary in the year 2010, got admitted into Pope Johnpaul II Major Seminary Awka, where he did his Philosophical studies and did his theological studies in Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, where he was drilled and scrutinized in the theological ambience so as to know God and the Church properly. During his Theological Studies he was installed a Lector on 16th September, 2018 and as an Acolyte on 28th September,2019 .Having been and was ordained a Deacon on 30TH December, 2020.
In his seminary formation days; Reverend worked, executed and discharged diligently his pastoral assignment in the following places:
2011 —–Holy Cross Parish Ehamufu
2012——St. Mary’s Parish Enugu-Ezike
2013—— St. Jacob Orba
2014——- St. Joseph Itch
2015 ——-St. Patrick’s Opi-agu
2016——-St. Charles Ofulonu
2016/2017—Long pastoral Experience@ Bishop Michael Memorial collage Edem
2018………..St. Paul’s Umuopu
2019——St. Theresa’s Abakpa Enugu
2020—— St. Theresa’s Owerre Obukpa