Reflection- Wednesday 15th

Today people are losing the sense of sacred in the church and they tend to trivialize every issue that should be deemed most necessary in a holy place and in spirituality. The behaviour we exhibit in a chapel, church, prayer meeting etc. is appalling. Please, see to yourself that you are not among those who are praying rosary with right hand, and at the same time, answering phone call with the left hand. What a devoted prayer! Sermon may be going on during Holy Mass while some people are busy pinging and chatting with their handset. Nowadays, people are grown too naughty that they dare to finger right inside God’s eye.

You are so much doomed and blind-folded that you pilfer inside the chapel, church and crusade ground. How do you dare change your clothe in the chapel before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, may be that the Angels or even God will see your beauty or nakedness and be attracted to you, or may see the nature of your affliction and be moved to pity. We should guard against all detracting exhibitions in the church of God.

Therefore, to make a clear distinction between a place of worship and a marketplace is very important. The gospel pictures a marketplace as where one can call one another in a high pitched voice which is seriously contrapuntal to the activities expected in a place of worship. The injunction is “be still and know that I am God”. Please, remember every time that you are in the presence of God and behave accordingly. God bless you! Amen.