Reflection-8th Oct.

While others are saying that Jesus casts out demon by the power of Beelzebub, others are testing him and demanding a sign from heaven.

Both groups are completely blind to the presence of God in the ministry of Jesus Christ. They also aptly summarize the reactions of people towards Jesus today; some reject Jesus while others want more from him. You see some people who vehemently reject and oppose anything concerning Christianity and can die fighting Christians. For them Christians and Christianity should be eradicated. However, others mostly Christians want more from Christ, for them if there is no visible manifestation in your church then your church is not working. That is why you see them moving from one church to another looking for miracles.

Jesus Christ has overcome the presence of evil in the world. His power is greater thanthat of demons, his power and authority reverse the effect of sin. The miracle in the gospel provides evidence of Satan’s defeat, from the miracle he declared that he has come for war and there is no middle man in that case, if we are with him we have to believe him and what he does.

by  Fr. Cosmas Iyoke