Reflection-6th October

Jesus taught his disciples how to pray.

I found in this prayer what God wants to hear and what he wants us to say while talking to him. In this prayer we find out the underlying structures of prayer which we should address to God.

When we say “Our Father who art in heaven” Jesus wants us to know that prayer is a moment when we relate to God as our father and so we should imagine a family intimacy, affection, reverence and love for a father who loves us so much.

Hallowed be thy name means that the praise and love of God should be essential discipline and element of our spiritual lives, praising him and thanking him makes us a people of hope and joy, he created us that we might live for his praise (Ep 1:12) when we pray we should rejoice in God. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done makes us to be open to God’s will, to his words of instruction, to his plan for us and the world. The bread in this case is a symbol of our needs and our greatest need should be to be fed by God. An essential element of our spiritual life is that we come to recognize the sins and deep drives of sins in our life and to beg for forgiveness.

by  Fr. Cosmas Iyoke