Orba Deanery (8 Parishes)

S/No. Name of Parish Priest(s)-in-Charge
1. St. Jacob's Parish, Orba Rev. Fr. Anthony Ezugwu
Rev. Fr. Dennis K. Agbo
Rev. Fr. Franklin K. Onubulueze
2. St. Patrick's Parish, Ohom Orba Rev. Msgr. Bernard Ngwoke
Rev. Fr. Collins Ideh
3. St. Francis' Parish, Okpu Orba Rev. Fr. Anselm Asogwa
4. Holy Family Parish, Imilike-Enu Rev. Fr. Boniface Amu
Rev. Fr. Michael Nwabueze
5. St. Gregory's Parish, Ohebe Orba Rev. Fr. Peter Oyima
6. St. James' Parish, UmuUgwu &
Owerre Ezeorba
Rev. Fr. James Eze
7. Christ the King Parish, Amalla Orba Rev. Fr. Celestine Ugwoke
8. St. Mary's Parish, Ajuona Orba Rev. Fr. Vincent Ekwuobi


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