Daily Reflection for Thurs. 14th Sept, 2017 by Rev. Fr.Charles Eze

It is very difficult with an excruciating pain to give up a highly cherished possession. It is even more difficult to give up a particular behavior especially when it has become a way of life on which some rigors of life have been merely meaningful. The choice of Christ demands a radical input into the struggle to look up to where Christ is. Such radical exercise involves the process of hiding our lives in Christ who is already hidden in God. It is the process of “ingodation” that is, a coinage which refers to taking the position of Christ in all endeavours. All those acts which were meaningful before Christ was accepted become anachronistic; sexual vice, impurity, uncontrolled desires, greed tantamount to idolatry and one finds joy and happiness in a condition of material lack, meager means of life and various deprivations. The resultant effects of this are poverty in the spirit, hope of abundance and joy in hunger and weeping. In other words, a hidden life with Christ is better than a popular life without Christ. Cheap popularity and material abundance are temporal but the reward of a life without them is eternal.

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