Daily Reflection for Tues. 12th Sept, 2017 by Rev. Fr.Charles Eze

In our Igbo traditional culture, night is taken as a sacred time alongside some hours of the day. We often hear the aphorism from our fathers, “Abali di egwu” and some of the highly important cultic acts are done in the night. To show many of the times that something is of high regard, such is done or said at night. A husband or wife wakes the other up at mid-night to discuss a matter of a special interest. As a matter of fact, it must be something very serious which would push a man to wake a neighbor up at night by knocking at the door. At every important stage in the ministry of Christ, he was found praying. He prayed at his baptism, during his temptation, in the Gethsemane and on the cross. Today, before choosing the apostles out of the rowdy disciples, he has to pray for the whole night. It was a night indeed of important decisions. The number twelve was not an accident; it was a universal incorporation of the boundaries of salvation. The origin and characters of the personalities of the twelve are also enigmatic and a pointer to the complications among the community of disciples of Jesus. These, to mention but a few, are the many reasons why he has to pray for the whole night. The prayer life of Jesus is a demonstration that there is no limit to the power of prayer. Every major parts of our life if not all are to be suffused with prayer. When we hear that Christ went out to be by himself, it was prayer. A veritable time for one to be by himself is at night, when nature is so close to divinity and serenity becomes the vehicle of prayer. When a time in which everything active by day goes to rest become an active time for a person of prayer, our God who never slumbers treats matters of interest with such urgency that night demands.

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